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Respite Holiday Terms & Conditions 

  • BISI Care and Respite Ltd grant applications will open on the 9th May 2022, and will remain open until 31st October 2022 or until all funding for respite holidays has been allocated, whichever comes first.

  • All BISI respite holiday grant applications need to be submitted via our website here

  • There are currently 2 funded respite holidays available on the 9th May 2022 allocation.  Further applications will be taken periodically and we ensure to communicate this via our website.

  • All successful applicants who received a BISI funded holiday, must take the stay at Revitalise by 31.03.2023. 

  • BISI grant applications can be made by disabled individuals, their families or carers providing you have read and meet the criteria set out in these application terms and conditions.

  • We are unfortunately able to accept requests/applications for grants if you have already received a BISI grant within the 36 months prior to your application.

  • Any applications that do not meet this criteria will be rejected. 

  • You must have permission from all individuals you mention on a BISI application form, prior to sharing their personal data. By completing the application form you confirm you do have this permission.

  • Unfortunately, BISI are currently unable to facilitate respite grants for children or young adults (under 18's) but we hope this is something we will be able to provide in the future. Please do not apply for a respite grant if the disabled individual is under the age of 18 years old.

  • All applications for funding will be approved in the order of which they are received, for any applicants who meet the criteria set out in these terms and conditions. 

  • Should your application be unsuccessful within the allocation period that you apply, you will be permitted to apply again in each subsequent allocation period.

  • All BISI grants will be paid directly to Revitalise, it will cover in full the cost of a one week stay in a Revitalise centre for yourself and a carer or family member. Under no circumstances will BISI pay a grant directly to an applicant or offer a cash alternative for any reason. 

  • If funding is approved your information will be passed to Revitalise, who will contact you for further information and to undertake risk assessments. At this point Revitalise will be your main point of contact for your respite holiday.

  • Any information shared with or subsequently obtained by Revitalise after the initial application, will be processed and stored under their own Data Protection and GDPR policies and procedures which can be viewed on their website.

  • BISI Care and Respite Ltd will not retain your data once passed to Revitalise. No sensitive data such as details of your medical conditions will be shared with BISI at any point, and as such will not be stored by us (Company No: 13635165). Sensitive data will only be stored by Revitalise when absolutely necessary and only ever for operational and care purposes. Do not email BISI  with any sensitive personal data, should you do so this will be deleted immediately.

  • Revitalise will inform BISI if they feel an individual has applied and agreed to the statements of eligibility, but does not actually meet the criteria based upon their initial communications and assessments. 

  • In this case Revitalise will provide BISI with data such as your name, telephone or postal address, so we can contact you for operational purposes relating to the rejection of your application and funding.  This data will only be retained whilst this process takes place and will be deleted immediately after this point. 

  • It’s essential you read and understand the sections within these terms and conditions, that explain what is and isn’t included in a BISI respite holiday before applying.

  • Any extras you book with Revitalise on top of the BISI funded stay that is set out in these terms and conditions, you do so on the understanding that these additional bookings are independent of BISI and the contract for these additions will be directly between yourself and Revitalise. 

  • If approved for a BISI respite holiday you understand that travel/holiday/cancellation insurance is not included in BISI funding. If you have self-funded any extras directly with Revitalise including any extra self funded days, you must have insurance to cover these. BISI will not cover or take any responsibility for any loss associated with additional self funded extras and bookings. 

  • BISI has the right to change your respite holiday at any time, should there be any legitimate reason for us to do so, for example covid restrictions, respite centre issues, world events etc. This will only ever be done as a last resort and should this be the case you will be contacted and offered an alternative date or respite location.

  • Due to Covid-19 all BISI respite stays for successful grant applications, will only be offered at Sandpipers in Southport until further notice. Please take this into consideration before making your application. 


Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Before applying for a BISI grant you will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions and also the below statements, if this is not done you will not be eligible to apply and the main application form will not display.


  1) 'I have read in full and understand the information on the grants page of the BISI website. I have read and agree to the 

      terms and conditions of this grant'.


  2) One of the below statements apply to me, the main applicant:


    - I am a disabled individual who lives with a life-altering condition, long-term injury or life-limiting illness. I am a UK resident and I am over the age of 18.

    - I am a family member of a disabled individual who lives with a life-altering condition, long-term injury or life-limiting illness.  Both myself and the individual are UK residents and over the age of 18.


    - I am a caregiver of a disabled individual who lives with a life-altering condition, long-term injury or life-limiting illness. Both myself  and the individual are UK residents and over the age of 18.


  3) I agree that any information provided on this form can be shared with BISI's respite centre partner, Revitalise. The respite centre will then contact me directly to obtain more information, perform risk assessments, and will discuss the type and level of support that is needed within my stay.  Any information shared with or subsequently obtained by Revitalise, will be processed and stored under their own Data Protection and GDPR policies and procedures.

What's included in my BISI funded Revitalise break:


  • A one weeks stay for an individual and a carer or family member.

  • 24 hour care

  • Accessible facilities and equipment including profiling beds and airflow mattresses

  • Places to visit nearby if you fancy venturing out.

  • Three evenings of entertainment featuring either live acts or our in-house entertainment team.

  • In-house activities such as arts and crafts, exercise classes, quizzes and bingo

  • Three tasty meals a day from seasonal menus including tea, coffee and squash (alcoholic and other soft drinks are available to buy at the bar).

  • Additional mealtime support (*only provided free of charge if the individual is staying at the Revitalise centre alone and the stay is BISI funded).

  • Towels and linen.

  • Staff to assist you throughout your stay.

  • Our usual volunteering program can’t run at the moment under the COVID travel guidelines, but we are welcoming back our local volunteers whenever they are available.


What's not included in my break:


  • Travel/holiday/cancellation insurance – all fully or partially self-funding guests and carers should have this.

  • Transport to and from the centre.

  • Wheelchairs – guests should bring their own or arrange to hire one prior to arrival.

  • Entrance fees and any extra food or drink purchased on outings.

  • Additional mobility assistance and specialised equipment (e.g. hoists which are available for an extra fee).

  • Additional mealtime support, available for an extra fee (* if staying at the centre alone and your stay is BISI funded this will be included if required).

  • Drinks from the bar.

  • Hair and beauty treatments at the centre.

All personal data collected on this application form will be processed and stored in line with BISI’s privacy policy which can be viewed here.


Any contact preferences will be recorded in line GDPR requirements. If at any time you wish to change the way we contact you, please email


Your data: The legal basis for processing the information submitted on the grant application form is that it is necessary for the execution of our contract between BISI and you (the data subject), in this case to process your application for a respite grant and organise respite arrangements with one of our respite centre partners. Your data will only be retained for this purpose and in line with our privacy policy, which you can access here.


You have the right to correct, erase, access and restrict our use of your data.  If you would like to exercise these rights, please contact  

If you are unhappy about the way in which we have processed your data, you have the right to contact the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office)

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