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2022/2023 Respite Holidays Application for Funding


BISI provides grants each year, to ensure more of the community have access to specialised respite holidays, personalised services and care. BISI has partnered with Revitalise to help us to provide this essential support. For further information about Revitalise please visit their website


Access to free respite stays in specialised environments, for those with long-term injuries and life-altering conditions is limited within the UK. Currently, free respite care is largely only provided to those who have a diagnosis of an advanced, progressive and life-limiting, or terminal illness.


BISI aims to offer a total of 10 respite holidays between May 2022 and Dec 2023.


The first 2 funded respite holidays were made available in May 2022, and both have been allocated. 

Applications will reopen when BISI have the capacity to offer more respite holidays, and dates will be announced on our website. All applications for funding are approved in the order in which they are received. Applicants must meet the criteria set out in the terms and conditions.


We anticipate the demand for future grants will be high so please apply early.  Should your application be unsuccessful you will be permitted to apply again when the next respite holiday grants are offered. 

We are unfortunately able to accept requests for grants if you have already received a BISI grant within the 36 months prior to your application.


BISI grant applications can be made by individuals, their families or carers providing you have read and meet the criteria set out in the application terms and conditions here. Any applications that do not meet this criteria will be rejected. You must have permission from all individuals you mention on a BISI application, prior to sharing their personal data.


Unfortunately, BISI are currently unable to facilitate respite grants for children or young adults (under 18's) but we hope this is something we will be able to provide in the near future.


All BISI grants will be paid directly to Revitalise, it will cover in full the cost of a one week stay in a Revitalise centre for yourself and a carer or family member. Under no circumstances will BISI pay a grant directly to an applicant or offer a cash alternative for any reason. For a list of what is included in a stay please click here.


* Due to renovations at Netley Waterside House, BISI respite stays for successful grant applications will only be at Sandpipers in Southport & Jubilee Lodge in Epping Forest until further notice. Please take this into consideration before making your application. 

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