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How can you Support BISI?

Regular Donations

Regular donations provide a reliable income, which is vital to BISI. Regular gifts help us to plan ahead, which helps us to support more of our community, now and in the future.


To set up a standing order and make a regular donation to BISI, you may wish to contact your bank for assistance. Alternatively, you can set up a regular gift to BISI via your online banking. To ensure your payments go to BISI Care and Respite, please contact us for the details you will need at


Thank you for your support!

Donations in Memory


Making a donation in someone's name is a special way to remember them and honour their life, while helping others at the same time. BISI focuses on care, support and wellbeing, with compassion at the heart of everything it does, so we are extremely grateful to anyone who considers donating in this way.


Your tribute will directly help BISI to continue to provide support to those who need it. When making a donation in memory of someone special, if you would like to, please share the name of the person you are remembering and any other details you would like, in the optional comment section on our donation form.

Company Donations


It’s always great to give to those in need, and the difference even a small donation can make to the lives of other people is profound. If you are a company, choosing to support a non-for-profit can provide lasting benefits. Giving back to the community can provide positive social value, increase employee engagement and strengthen public perception.


A company may decide to make a donation to BISI for numerous reasons, maybe we have been nominated by your employees as your non-for-profit and community focused organisation for the year, it may be a donation in lieu of Christmas cards or even a random act of kindness.  Whatever the reason, your donation will be gratefully received and will help us support more of our community. 


Donating directly from company accounts can also have some positive implications in relation to corporation tax, please speak to your financial advisor for further information.

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